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Privately Owned Vacation Homes on Florida's Gulf Coast - independently owned, locally managed and operated

Property Management - Single Family Homes (Cape Coral)

Management Service:

  • Regular inspection of the property, its contents, furnishings, fixtures & fittings.
  • Greeting, registration, monitoring and care of rental guests.
  • Emergency out-of-hours call-out for rental guests.
  • Supervision of repairs where carried out by outside contractors.
  • Replacement as necessary of a limited number of small consumable items, such as light bulbs, basic plumbing items, washers, cistern valves.
  • Replace air conditioning filters as and when required (excludes cost of filters).
  • Check fire extinguishers to comply with hotel/motel regulations (re-validating or re-charging at additional cost).
  • Check smoke detectors on a regular basis - replace batteries where necessary.

Pool Maintenance:

  • Weekly cleaning, chemical testing and balancing of pH level (acidity/alkalinity).
  • Removal and/or treatment of algae, bottom dirt and surface debris.
  • Replenishment of chlorine tablets, acid alkali and anti-algae chemicals.
  • Routine cleaning of skimmers and pool filters.
  • Biennial maintenance check on pumps, timers, switches, solar heating systems, ect (excludes the replacement cost of supplying and fitting new paper or linen cartridge type filters, pool pumps, etc).

Lawn & Garden Care:

  • Grass cutting, lawn edging, clipping removal and general chemical weeding.
  • Adjusting and re-setting irrigation systems if Federal, State or County authorities impose water usage restrictions.

Administration Service:

  • The provision of a "helpdesk service" to all homeowners.
  • Providing information to homeowners on all issues impacting on the welfare of the property and the owners interests.
  • Acting as mailing address, contact point and management agent for all service and utility providers (if required by the homeowner).
  • Timely and accurate settlement of all utility bills if required by homeowner (additional cost applies).
  • Provision to owner of a montly statement of account for all services, charges and receipts.
  • Liase with state and county tax authorities to collect rental taxes on behald of the homeowner.

Marketing Service:

  • Promotion of the rental home and destination to the travel industry.
  • Inclusion in Secret Places promotional websites and any ancillary advertising where necessary.
  • Professional photographic and video representation of the property (additional setup charge applies).